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KM Homes Design Gallery

KM Homes Design Gallery

Once you have purchased your new KM Home, the real fun begins!  Now that you're a part of the KM Homes family, you're invited to our brand new design gallery to select the look and feel of your new home.  Explore thousands of style combinations ranging from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary.  Whatever your style - we've got the look for you!


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What inspires you?

The design of your home is more than just a look.  It's an expression of your family's unique personality!  At KM Homes, we understand the importance of your home reflecting who you are.  Before your design appointment, be sure to find your inspiration!  Whether it's a photo of a home you love, a general style that you admire, or as specific as a painting or piece of furniture you plan to incorporate, bring photos to your appointment.  These can help our interior designer point you in the direction of styles you'll enjoy.