Welcome to our new website!

As we look ahead to 2017, we couldn’t think of a better way to help our future homeowners find exactly what they’re looking for than by providing them with a completely new website experience. Our previous website was more than 10 years old, so we started from scratch and built a new platform that would incorporate the best website user experience to date!

Things you may notice while browsing:

  • The site is completely responsive. This means you can enjoy the same user experience across your desktop, tablet and mobile phone devices!
  • We’re on board with Google maps. Arguably the best mapping and direction system on Earth, we’re leveraging Google to help our future homeowners on their journey to browse and visit our available homes and plans. Did you know Google maps contains over 20 petabytes of data? To put it in numbers most people recognize, that’s over 20 million gigabytes!
  • We have a fresh new look and feel. The design was created from scratch using only the latest and greatest design trends. The focus was primarily to help users quickly find what they need while subtly providing an aesthetically pleasing user experience; delivering a clean fresh look.
  • Wow, look at those photos! We’ve vastly improved the photo quality across the site, beefing up our images to the high definition standards of 2016. Make sure you bookmark the site and come back, as we’ll be adding even more photos over the next several weeks.
  • It doesn’t take forever for it to load on your phone. The new KM Homes website is equipped with some of the best mobile optimizations specifically designed for image-heavy sites. The website can detect the size of the device loading each page and deliver images appropriately sized for the device. This way, when you’re out and about, you can enjoy a quick user experience even on your mobile phone plan (without eating up all your data)!

Feel free to check out our communities and available homes and when you find a home you like, contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment!